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Ready to learn the role you must play to manifest your purpose?


Imagine stepping into who you must be to have the business you desire.

Your Gene Keys profile & Human Design bodygraph contain so much gold when it comes to business, especially marketing & branding! 


Ready to learn your unique genius that sets you apart?

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Who is a Brand YOU Reading for?


🔥 Service-based entrepreneurs seeking clarity on your niche & messaging


🔥 Coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs ready to differentiate themselves in a competitive market.


🔥 You are so curious if Human Design & the Gene Keys can help your business.


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It is TIME for your genius to be known to the world.

The Gene Keys & Human Design contain the keys to authentic brand building


Lack of clarity & misalignment of how you show up online & in person is the single biggest hurdle in growing your business.

When someone asks, "what do you do?" how clear is your response? 

When you aren't clear your dream clients can't find you, can't hear you, can't work with you.


The key to prosperity is clarity.


It is time you understood how to position YOU. 

Brand YOU Reading

This unique 1:1 session will give you:

  • Exact positioning of you (you are your brand)
  • Clarity on which marketing & sales strategies may or may not be for you
  • Your unique genius that sets you apart from others in your field
  • Confidence & conviction in your marketing
  • Your Brand Type & recommendations 


If you are tired of "trying all the things" to grow your business, this 1:1 Human Design reading & Brand YOU Blueprint is for you. 


We start by working through your Brand Type.


There are 12 possible Brand Types and your Human Design reveals which one you are.  Knowing your Brand Type creates an immediate shift in how you show up online & in person. 

By using YOUR Gene Keys Profile & your Human Design bodygraph, I will create your Brand YOU Blueprint we will use in your reading.  

Get your Brand YOU Blueprint.

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How does it work?


#1 After payment, you will receive a link to the Brand YOU intake form.

#2 Once completed, you will receive a link to book your 1:1 60 minute session with me.

#3 I will create your Brand YOU Blueprint we will use during your reading & yours to keep.

Think of it as the blueprint which will enable you to truly build your business, by design.

Are you ready to understand your unique genius & brand type?


The clarity contained within your design for your business is GOLD.

Can't wait to have the honor of doing your Brand YOU Reading! 

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The Gene Keys are changing their business & their life......

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What will your Gene Keys & Human Design show you about your brand?

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Hey! I'm Julie!


I am different. I have the traditional background, master's degree & 20 years of corporate experience in marketing. I also have started 3 businesses that surpassed 6 figures+ in revenue.

BUT, I combine the magic of the Gene Keys, Human Design, Bob Proctor, and many other mentors I have studied with in the development & marketing of YOU. 

I personally believe the most important ingredient in your marketing, is how you position YOU. I can help you!

Ready to learn how you are specifically designed to create impact & make money?


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