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Ready to create clarity to become a category of one?


It is written in your design. 


Reveal your prosperity potential guided by the wisdom of the Gene Keys & Human Design.

Your prosperity, your money, comes from how you create service to your niche, who you are meant to serve. But we get stuck in "what am I here to say?" & "who am I here to serve?" 

Her Design School™ can help.

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Her Design School™ is perfect for:


🔥 Service-based entrepreneurs seeking clarity on your niche & messaging


🔥 Coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs ready to become a thought leader & category of one.


🔥 You are a female leader ready to have more influence & impact in your industry.


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It is TIME for your genius to be known to the world.

Clarity comes from understanding YOU better.


I work with you to get clarity by using your Human Design chart & Gene Keys profile.



Because these are the most powerful tools I have found to help female leaders and entrepreneurs get clarity in their mission, their expertise and how they are here to serve the world.

Clarity brings prosperity.


Clarity creates a vision.

Clarity creates conviction.


When you are crystal clear on your next steps to stand more fully in your strengths, skills...

You get convicted

You get confident.

And that is when the magic happens.....

What can Human Design & Gene Keys reveal to you?


Your Human Design chart & Gene Keys profile hold the keys to your genius, your strengths, and your personal brand. 


I can help you confirm your mission, your assignment.


How are you meant to serve the world & prosper?


Whether you have your own business or you desire to become known in your career & industry...your Gene Keys & Human Design hold the gold.


  • Brand Type: the role you are meant to play on the stage of your business or career. This ONE thing is the biggest personal branding hack!
  • Soul Society: when you learn to get your messaging and offers aligned to the vibe of your particular tribe, you attract clients meant for you!
  • Life's Work: your unique genius, your gifts, are meant for a reason & guide you in your mission.
  • Strengths: did you know you have superpowers? Yours define the "why you" & differentiates YOU in the market.
  • Customized Communication: your unique perspectives & mastery are meant to be communicated by you to a specific audience - those meant to hear you.  


There is even more gold written in your design, but these 5 areas can create a quantum leap in your business or career.

Ready to mine your gold? 


What is included?


Are you a nerd like me & the 100s of amazing women in our community? 📓📚✏️


Her Design School™ is for YOU!  Here is what is included:


  • Monday Message - Live lecture every week with homework to understand Human Design for business
  • Modules to understand your Bodygraph
  • Gene Keys 101 course to understand your Profile
  • Monthly Workshop & Q&A
  • Canva templates & cheat sheets
  • Access to the Mobile App IGNITE Her Society®
  • Monday Lecture Vault  (100s of trainings)
  • Guest Lectures

What makes this unique is everything that is taught is in relation to your business or career. So you can take what is being taught and APPLY it to get the next quantum breakthrough in your business.


🤝 12 months access to membership, lifetime access to Gene Keys 101



Ready to go to the school of YOU?




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The Gene Keys are changing their business & their life......

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Hey! I'm Julie Ciardi

Former VP of Marketing @ IBM, Podcast Host of BRAND, and on a mission to help more female entrepreneurs & leaders become a category of one through the power of their brand.


I am different. I have the traditional background, master's degree & 20 years of corporate experience in marketing. I also have started 3 businesses that surpassed 6-7 figures+ in revenue.

BUT, I combine the magic of the Gene Keys, Human Design, Bob Proctor, and many other mentors I have studied with in the development & marketing of YOU. 

I am a certified Gene Keys guide and in a multi-year process of getting certified in Human Design for business at the BG5 Business Institute.

I personally believe the most important ingredient in your marketing, is how you position YOU. I can help you!

xo, Julie

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