You were perfectly designed.


Are ready to brand, command and expand your leadership and become known in your industry?

Gene Keys & Human Design are powerful tools to create a quantum leap in your business by creating massive clarity.


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You know you were meant for more...


You did not invest time, money & your dreams into only coming this far.


You are ready for the next level breakthrough!


It is time to rethink how to create clarity to create that breakthrough. 


Imagine you are the go to in your industry. 


Imagine writing the book and getting asked to speak on stages that you dream of.


Imagine becoming a thought leader in your craft, your area of expertise.  


Imagine becoming the next Senior Vice President or CEO of the company.


Imagine being 90 years old and looking back in pride and satisfaction at your legacy body of work.  

It is more than possible. 

But life (and our mind) seem to get in the way.

Does any of this resonate? 


  • You have spent a lot of time, money and energy trying all the strategies & tactics to grow your business online
  • You have your eyes on the next big promotion, but it just doesn't seem to be happening.
  • Your success has been inconsistent and you want a business income stream you can rely on.¬†
  • You want to put yourself out there more boldly, but you are afraid you will fail, or be judged.
  • You want to become known for something, but are struggling with confusion & inaction.
  • You are worried you will have to go back to a job or you will never be able to leave the one you are in.

You are not alone.

you are NORMAL...


...it is not you, it is how you have been taught to grow your business or career. 

The noise of the online space is loud. Most of what is taught is something that worked for one person and now they are teaching others.  Trendy tactics are not the way to grow your business. 

Businesses have been wildly successful before social media ever existed!  You just need to learn timeless marketing strategies that work.


That said, there has never been a better time to standout in your genius, your craft.


Success can be SIMPLE. 

IGNITE Her Brand comes down to 3 things we will work on together:


ūüĒ•¬†Uncover your MISSION

ūüĒ•¬†Unleash your MESSAGE

ūüĒ•¬†Unlock your MILLION


Whether that's reaching a million people or making a million dollars, this method WORKS.

Master your craft, not Instagram


The Law of Compensation states that you will make more money the better you get at what you do.


So why are you spending more time on becoming a marketing expert than an expert in your niche or industry?


Are you ready to spend more time with your paid clients than making free content that no one sees?


Are you ready to spend more time studying your craft, creating your own body of work, going deeper in your expertise?
YES! I am ready!

Master your craft, not Instagram


The Law of Compensation states that you will make more money the better you get at what you do.


So why are you spending more time on becoming a marketing expert than an expert in your coaching?


Are you ready to spend more time with your paid clients than making free content that no one sees?


Are you ready to spend more time studying your craft, creating your own body of work, going deeper in your expertise?

What if I told you that there was a magical tool that can create niche & messaging clarity? 

There is! I began using the Gene Keys & Human Design to help me with my business and I KNEW I had to use them with my clients. The results have been extraordinary.

Imagine getting clarity on your specific niche, the message you are here to share and which marketing strategies are best for you specifically!

Not only that, but get clear on your offers, marketing & sales strategies as well? Get clear on what you want to be known for to get to the next level of leadership.

You can. Inside IGNITE Her Brand we will use your personal Gene Keys Profile and your Human Design to create this clarity. It is a complete game changer in your business or career!

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"Your brand is you. Your brand is the extension of your personality, your outer representation in life."
~Richard Rudd

When you are a coach, consultant, leader, a business owner, YOU are the product. 




Are you ready to unlock your unique positioning, clarity on your standout expertise?

YES! I am ready!

You need to learn to market YOU. You need to learn the business strategies right for YOU.


The IGNITE Her Brand is a group mentorship & coaching program for female entrepreneurs & leaders ready to standout in their industry using the most powerful business tools possible...


Gene Keys & Human Design 


Are you ready to standout in your industry and create satisfying impactful work you love? 

This is EXACTLY what I need!

IGNITE Her Brand will:


  • Create clarity in your niche, your message, & how you need to position yourself online, to land podcasts, speaking gigs, promotions and endless referrals.

  • Create a system to get your message, your body of work, your uniqueness out into the world to those who need to hear you.

  • Create a quantum leap in your business results or career using your Gene Key Profile & Human Design Bodygraph to truly create an authentic personal brand, message & movement.¬†


I have structured this program to not just teach, but provide weekly implementation and coaching support.  The price point is also designed so that you can leverage this program in addition to any of the investments you have already made or plan to make.  The price point allows you to add on 1:1 coaching, outsource, hire or invest in other areas of your business.  


You're going to



7 Modules of IGNITE Her Brand Framework

Learn how to embody your brand type, how to create a Lighthouse Content Library, a signature method, an irresistible offer, a referable free offer & a simple marketing plan that is much more than just social media. Each Module is packed with lessons.

The Monday Message

Clients RAVE about Juie's weekly lecture series. Julie teaches on topics such as time management, mindset, self-image, manifestation, laws of the Universe, studying specific books & much more. The lectures helps you to BEcome your higher self.

Weekly LIVE Coaching w/Julie

Learning is one thing, having a breakthrough is another thing entirely. Information is not transformation. Having the ability to get coached weekly and hear others get coached will create instant shifts in your business or career.

Assets for your business

In each Module you will create an ASSET to be completed that will serve your business and personal brand for years. This will help you stay accountable & committed. Assets such as Brand Briefs, Media Kits, elevator pitch, Lighthouse Content Library, Signature Method, Offer, Marketing Plan and more.

Private App & Community

You are on the go, your learning should be too. IGNITE Her Brand has its own private mobile app. You can listen to replays, dive into the vault of trainings, or ask questions & share wins in the community. All in the palm of your hand on your phone!

Gene Keys & Human Design Profile Work

The power of the Gene Keys & Human Design is like nothing you have seen before. During your 12 months you will have an opportunity to go deeper into these tools and use them to affect your business and career. There is also a personal ripple effect too.

I want in on IGNITE Her Brand!!!

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  • IGNITE Her Brand Curriculum- 7 modules &¬†assets
  • 12 months of weekly live coaching with Julie
  • Mobile app for all content, replays & support
  • Gene Keys & Human Design teaching & personalization
  • 12 months of The Monday Message lesson LIVE every Monday
  • Lifetime access to lessons
Join for $499/month for 12 months
Pay in fuLl $4999 (save $989!)

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Don't take this solely from me. Take a listen to the client testimonials of quantum breakthroughs and how they are using the Gene Keys & Human Design.


Seriously my friend, it really is much easier than you think!
Hear from these clients! ūüĒ•

This is my most innovative  program designed to create a radical shift in your business or career.

I priced this program to be an affordable puzzle piece that works with ANY other investment you have made in the past, currently or in the future.

The ROI is like no other.

And just who will be teaching & coaching you in the IGNITE Her program?

Me! I'm Julie Ciardi

Former VP of Marketing @ IBM, Podcast Host of BRAND, and on a mission to help more female entrepreneurs create a quantum leap in business through the power of their brand.

I am different. I have the traditional background, master's degree & 20 years of corporate experience in marketing. I also have started 3 businesses that surpassed 6-7 figures+ in revenue.

BUT, I combine the magic of the Gene Keys, Human Design, Bob Proctor, and many other mentors I have studied with in the development & marketing of YOU. 

I am a certified Gene Keys guide and in a multi-year process of getting certified in Human Design for business at the BG5 Business Institute.

I personally believe the most important ingredient in your marketing, is how you position YOU. I can help you!


"I finally know what TGIM feels like!"

The clarity that I received when I learned the shadow of my Evolution in Gene Keys ‚Äď which are the paradigms and habits that are holding us back ‚Äď that was earth shattering. I can tell you since learning that and getting coached, I feel something different in me.

I am doing things and taking actions that I wasn't taking before now. Also, knowing what my Brand Archetype is, that has been huge. I feel like I now can first put what I want to do through this filter of my Brand Archetype, and feel really good about being able to reach out to people.

Tracie Cornell

Leadership Coach


Let's Talk Curriculum

The breakdown
Module 1

Your Brand Brief


We start with your Brand Type. This is truly a marketing hack to create an instant shift in your business or career. There are 12 Brand Types¬†& when you know yours..BOOM. But there is more.¬† We will dive into your Gene Keys Profile to go deeper into the many aspects of your brand. You will craft your mission, message, positioning¬†& the clarity will be¬†ūüĒ•

Asset #1: Develop your Brand Brief & use for copy, web design, social media content, and how you show up in your brand to be seen.

Module 2

Lighthouse Content Library


You not only need a message, you need to create a movement. Your messaging is going to be critical to attract your soul society and ignite them.  Marketing messages are meant to be on repeat. You will craft your messages and start a messaging library of the exact content your dream clients need to hear to want to work with you. The output will also help you get booked on podcasts, speaking gigs & referrals.

Asset #2: Develop your Lighthouse Content Library to house all of your messaging topics & content to put on repeat on social, email etc.  Create a Media One Sheet to guest on podcasts, book speaking gigs, etc.

Module 3

Your Signature Method


Your offer needs to be packaged. You will learn how to create your own signature method that you can become known for and potentially trademark. It is a way to organize what you teach and help your clients get results. Your signature method can often become the key topic you speak on in podcasts and on stage.

Asset  #3: Develop your Signature Method that becomes what you are known for.

Module 4

Your Irresistible Paid Offer


Confused minds say no. When it is not clear what you offer or you have so many offers that prospective clients don't make a decision because there is too much to choose from, it creates a gap in your sales. One signature program that is the perfect place for new clients to start with you is the way to go! 

Asset #4: Create Your Irresistible Paid Offer & launch it to generate monthly recurring income & serve your clients.

Module 5

Your Referable Free Offer


Once you have your paid offer, now you can create a Referable Free Offer that is the perfect lead in to your paid offer. You want to be strategic about your free offer because prospects will get confused and your sales process can breakdown.

Asset #5: Develop your Referable Free Offer and test it.

Module 6

Your OPA Strategy


Other people's audience (OPA) is the Disney Fast Pass of the entrepreneurial world. You will learn the many ways to get in front of other people's audience & choose the methods that align best for you & your Brand Type.

Asset #6: Choose your OPA strategies & start pitching yourself.  Land 2 OPA opportunities.

Module 7

Your Simple Marketing Plan


Simple is my mantra.  You will take all the pieces above and put together a simple marketing plan based on my Simple Marketing Plan Framework.  Your marketing plan will be aligned & authentic to YOU. This is personal and about your niche.

Asset #7: Create your Simple Marketing Plan.

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There is so much goodness in the main program, but these bonuses are INSANE!

Let's really fast-track your success!
  • BONUS 1 -->¬†Consults that Convert
  • BONUS 2¬†--> Profitable Podcast Masterclass
  • BONUS 3-->¬†12 Months Access to IGNITE Business School Vault

Julie has been so amazing at pushing me to look deeper inside myself to find my soul society and to create something that I now know can only come from within. I‚Äôve learned to look at my ‚Äúmistakes‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúfailures‚ÄĚ as learning experiences, that make me and my business stronger.¬† I now have learned to listen to my intuition and use the Gene Keys as a tool to catapult personal life and business for the better.


It is absolutely remarkable how much you can uncover with Julie's coaching and guidance through the Gene Keys! So much clarity not only with my business, but in my life!!


Julie's methods have helped me get clear on my niche, message, and brand moving my brick and mortar from $10K a year in 2021 to $124K this year! I am a chronic shiny object chaser and Julie is always the ONE coach that has helped me move forward in my business!


I have worked with several coaches prior to joining Julie's program. I've known that it was divine guidance that led me to her. Today I can say I am a Julie Ciardi Lifer!! Her work is amazing and she truly is your success partner, not just a coach.


I'm ready to join for $499


"Putting this into practice can bring about an instant change in your business, in how you are seen & received by the world at large."

~Richard Rudd


"I have been in the program a month and have already seen 3x ROI!"

I am more confident in what I have to say because of the clarity in what problems I am solving, belief in my offer, messaging the right people and evolving who I am as a person. Not only have I secured multiple clients, I am also getting some amazing strategies, and nurturing sequences around corporate projects!

This is a new major change around solving large scale problems and coming into her world and really getting crystal clear on my profile, Gene Keys, and Brand Archetype as an Influential Leader, I am starting to take off‚Ķ ūüöÄ

I attend Julie’s sessions, I raise my hand and ask questions, take actions, and co-create with her only because she clearly gives me actionable steps and you better believe I am always so inspired with her energy and intuitive hits!! Julie asks such powerful in depth questions that will help you leave her sessions with better clarity than before so that you make better choices, and scale your business. 

I am so grateful that I get to learn my Life’s work from Julie!

Dina Lobo

Transformational Coach


Here is a side by side comparison of IGNITE Her Brand & other options to IGNITE Her‚ĄĘ and work with Julie

If you would like to explore the other two options, here are the links:

Her Design School‚ĄĘ

Her Quantum Leap Mentorship

If you would like to explore the other two options, here are the links:

Her Design School‚ĄĘ

Her Quantum Leap Mentorship


I know first hand how it feels to be "doing all the work" yet feel stuck. I also know how much you want your business or career to create freedom & fulfillment in your life.

And I know when it is time to take a chance, time to listen to your soul & intuition, and time to let go of doing the same things over & over without the results you desire. 

It is time for change.

I want you to know I am here for you. Not just me, but my amazing IGNITE community waiting to welcome you to the sisterhood of entrepreneurs creating aligned, fulfilling & simpler businesses & careers.  All it takes is a decision.  xo, Julie

I'm ready for change