IGNITE Her Basics Bundle

The IGNITE Her Basics Bundle is our foundational courses that are a part of every program we sell.  BEcoming Her is the Secret is the signature program to create any result you desire in life.

The Self Coaching Series teaches you what self coaching is and tools and tips to develop your own practices to manage your mind in the moments to live by design and not by default.

You will also get an email post purchase for a FREE NOW Goal® Journal for use in your personal growth journey!  


BEcoming Her is the Secret is the foundation of the IGNITE Her process.

These 9 lessons truly give you the keys to achieve any result you want in å life.

These lessons are like the book Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, the book that has created more millionaires than any other.

I wanted to take that book, plus all the trainings, certifications, and experience I have had into 9 lessons that make sense for the modern woman.  

 BEcoming Her is the Secret is here to IGNITE the highest potential HER within women all over the world.

The 9 Lessons look like this:

#1 The Game Plan -- create the vision

#2 The NOW Goal -- the first big goal

#3 The Genie -- the secret formula

#4 The To Be List - - BE Her now

#5 The To Do List - - doing things in a certain way

#6 Calendar Integrity - - you MUST do the things

#7 Doing it Anyway - - manage your feelings

#8 Money Maker - - bankroll your dream

#9 Relationship Expansion - - the ripple effect

You get lifetime access to this course.  

Every lesson has worksheets & resources so that you can go deeper into the work to awaken what you desire, who you are, who you want to become and a plan so that you can make those desires a reality.

BEcoming Her is the Secret is really the start of learning how to live by design.

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